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How to edit your articles

Our article editor is a simple html text editor that you can use. The only special html codes you should need to add are:
strong, /strong,h5 /h5, and h2 /h2
Use the strong tag to make a text section bold, h5 tag around paragraphs if you want a blank line between them and use the h2 tag around headings to make them

bigger and bold

You can use the other h1 to h6 tags as you wish just be sure to close the tags properly.
Samples of how the h tags will look.

h1 looks like this

h2 looks like this

h3 looks like this

h4 looks like this

h5 looks like this
h6 looks like this
h5 and strong looks like this
p tags get striped out so don't use them. Adding extra returns does not add space between paragraphs so don't try them.
If you know other html tags feel free to try them out but many are stripped when you submit your article so test with a preview before submitting them. If you need help with html visit W3Schools.Com
Feel free to add your info box at the end of the article. Please include the target="_blank" to your a href tags so links open a new tab.
Here is an example of a info box:
Article by Michael Scott McGinn
Visit my favorite hosting company MTBN.NET

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