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What Exactly are Hosting Solutions?

$2.75 /mo

Simple Plan

  • Unlimited Data Storage
  • Unlimited Data Transfer
  • 1 Domain Hosted
  • 30-Day Free Trial

MTBN.NET is among the best hosting suppliers out there nowadays. We offer a complete array of hosting services for every need, budget and expertise level. Our packages have been developed to deliver the ideal combination of features and cost-effectiveness.

Web Hosting Solutions from MTBN.NET

MTBN.NET offers domain registration services, as well as different types of hosting services, including shared hosting plans, VPS plans, semi-dedicated hosting packages and dedicated web hosting plans. All our web hosting plans include a myriad of features, including unlimited web space and unlimited web traffic allocations, a free-of-charge domain name registration and more! On top of that, with us, you can get your hands on a cutting-edge, in-house developed clustered web hosting technology, as well as on a large number of optional features as we offer NodeJS, InnoDB and PоstgreSQL support, the Memcached distributed memory object caching system, the Varnish Cache web accelerator and more.

To ensure they correspond to the demands of a vast range of customers, at MTBN.NET, we give them the possibility to pick from several data centers located on different continents – Steadfast in Chicago, United States of America; Pulsant in London, England and SiS Group in Sydney, Australia. We also offer a ninety-nine point nine percent server uptime guarantee and a 30-day MBG to prove to the customers that their service is dependable and risk-free.

Simple Professional Advanced Regular
Unlimited storage Unlimited storage Unlimited storage Unlimited storage
Unlimited bandwidth Unlimited bandwidth Unlimited bandwidth Unlimited bandwidth
1 website hosted Unlimited websites hosted Unlimited websites hosted 5 websites hosted
30-Day Free Trial 30-Day Free Trial 30-Day Free Trial 30-Day Free Trial
$2.75 / month $12.00 / month $8.33 / month $3.75 / month