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VPS OVZ Box 10
5 CPU Cores
330 GB Storage
$165.00 / month

5 CPU Cores
270 GB Storage
$130.00 / month

4 CPU Cores
225 GB Storage
$110.00 / month

What is VPS hosting?

OpenVZ is a tested virtualization platform for managing Virtual Private Servers. An OpenVZ-based VPS offers you the resources you need for your high resource-consuming interactive multimedia web sites or e-stores. With the new cheaper prices offered by MTBN.NET – a popular web hosting services provider and ICANN-recognized domain registrar, the OpenVZ VPS server web hosting solution has been placed within the grasp of almost everybody.

The OpenVZ VPS hosting solution is all about performance – it offers large CPU, RAM memory, hard disk storage space and traffic quotas. Our choice of OpenVZ VPS hosting packages gives you an excellent choice, so, regardless of your concrete website hosting requirements, you will undoubtedly discover what you want. You will have full control over your VPS. You can restart the private virtual server at any particular moment, keep track of the system resource usage and monitor your bandwidth statistics. We, at MTBN.NET, also offer you a custom-made web hosting Control Panel free of charge.

Professional VPS Management Solutions at Hand

We offer a full-featured hosting service, including a big assortment of Top-Level Domains and even elective administration services to help you administer your virtual server, giving you more time to focus on your web sites. There is a broad array of updates for you to choose from – weekly data backups and OS updates, private virtual server monitoring, restarting, custom software installation, script problem solving, etc. procedures. To spare time, you can choose any extra services at any time from your VPS Plan Manager.

MTBN.NET and the OpenVZ VPS hosting platform are the perfect blend for your hosting requirements, giving you great performance, dependability and an outstanding client care service with any of the company's VPS packages.

So, join MTBN.NET now – we can meet your ever-growing private virtual web server hosting demands!


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